Tuross HeadTuross Head

The land of many waters is portrayed beautifully when looking at an aerial of Tuross Head.

Tuross Head coastal village aerial located between Tuross River and Coila lake

The picturesque coastal village is perched on a low-lying headland between the lakes of Tuross and Coila.

The peninsula is dotted with Norfolk Island Pines standing tall and elegant - a legacy of pioneer Hector McWilliam.

Boating and fishing are popular and hiring a boat or canoe is easy. Whether you're serious about your fishing, keen and for whiting for dinner or just interested in playful activity with the kids - the fishing on Tuross Lake is always enjoyable.

When Coila Lake has been opened to the sea, prawning is another popular activity.

With bountiful seafood on their doorstops it's easy to see why the cafes and restaurants of Tuross Head offer quality cuisine specialising in fish and chips.

Winding around a fairly steep hillside the local golf course boasts spectacular views of the lake and ocean. A great option if you're up for an interesting and challenging game.

Tuross Head has a range of accommodation including the lakeside tourist park, a friendly motel and numerous self contained options.

The waterways of Tuross Head are protected by the Batemans Marine Park.

And for an update of all local events head to the Tuross Heads web site where you can also pick up your copy of the Tuross Heads Weekly News...


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