Montague IslandMontague Island

Montague Island Nature Reserve sits just 9km off Narooma, is a haven for marine and animal life.

Montague Island Nature Reserve and Historic Montague Island Lighthouse

The NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service manages the island and its wildlife, which includes the state's largest colony of Australian and New Zealand fur seals. It is also one of the largest little penguin breeding sites in Australia and is home to a wide variety of birds from peregrine falcons, crested terns and silver gulls.

Experience Montague Island on a half day tour with Narooma Charters; play a part in the Island's natural heritage with an overnight tour with Naturewise Montague Island Conservation tours; or experience something a bit more decadent, a Self Guided Overnight Stay. All guided tours, can be booked through Narooma Visitor Centre. From September to November tours extend to include whale watching.

The Montague Lighthouse was first lit in November 1881 eventually being converted to a fully automatic system in 1986 and remains part of a mainstay of our coastal navigation system. Guided visits to the Island include a tour of the historic buildings and light keeping facilities and an opportunity to learn about Montague's remarkable plants and animals together with the island's geographical, Aboriginal and European history.

But apart from the amazing wildlife and the history of the lighthouse, there's an even more intriguing story - it's the story of a mother and her two sons. Looking back towards the Tilba region on the mainland from Montague Island you can't help but feel like you're being watched by the imposing Mount Dromedary (Gulaga). In this story, Gulaga's youngest son Little Dromedary (Najanuga) stayed behind to look after his mother while his brother Montague Island (Baranguba) ran away to sea and never came home. These natural icons have great environmental, historic and cultural significance.

The waters around Montague Island are protected by the Batemans Marine Park.

In 1880 the vessel ‘Lady Darling’ was wrecked off Mystery Bay and the lighthouse on Montague Island was established in 1881 to protect coastal shipping.


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