Diving & Snorkelling

Snorkelling off the beaches and rocks around here is like having your own big aquarium to play in.

snorkelling diver exploring underwater for marine life

There’s just so much variety of colourful aquatic life, and it’s all so easy to get to and experience. You don’t have to be an expert diver or go way off shore to see exotically coloured fish, glowing jellyfish, big cruising rays and waving sponge beds, you just need a pair of goggles and flippers and put your face in the water. You may even come across dolphins and seals are eager to find someone to play with, or watch them show off as they chase schools of salmon. And it’s all there, just under the surface, almost anywhere you look along our shores.

Popular snorkelling spots include McKenzies Beach about 15 minutes south of Batemans Bay, Guerilla Bay, Broulee Beach (north or south and off the island), Shelley Beach near Moruya, Pedro Point at South Head Moruya, Mystery Bay and the southern end of Handkerchief Beach near Narooma, south side of Potato Point near Bodalla.

Diving experiences in Eurobodalla are many and varied and are available all year round. From reefs and caves to deep gutters and drop offs - weather you’re a first timer or experienced diver we have a dive spot and tour to suit you.

Montague Island is considered to one of the best dive spots in the country. It’s a diving gem really as you get up close to Australian and New Zealand fur seals that inhabit the nature reserve. The seals seem to delight in playful encounters with diving visitors. Not to mention the variety of colourful underwater marine and plant life.

A Tollgate Islands dive just a 10 minute boat ride from Batemans Bay is a unique and exciting experience, at any time of year.

For the more experienced diver a must do dive would be at one of the spots renowned for Grey Nurse sightings. The Tollgate Islands and Montague Island are both within the Batemans Marine Park and are protected Grey Nurse habitats.



The following dive operators provide a range of dive experiences and offer equipment hire, training, boat charters and advice on the greatest dive sites.

For infomation on Diving at Narooma and around Montague Island visit Scuba Diving At Narooma (http://scubadiving.narooma.com)

NSW Marine Park Authority Code of Conduct for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Scuba diving and snorkelling activities can cause damage to fragile marine systems including:

  • Damage to habitats from physical contact
  • Damage to habitats from anchoring
  • Disturbance and harassment of marine animals
  • Overcrowding and user conflict

Divers should:

  • Know the rules for diving, anchoring and mooring in the marine park
  • Undertake diver buoyancy control training
  • Ensure gauges and other equipment do not hang loose

Divers in the marine park are asked NOT to:

  • Brace against or stand on reef habitats
  • Chase or disturb marine animals, including protected species like Grey Nurse Sharks and Sea Turtles
  • Litter or allow wastes to enter the environment
  • Anchor in inappropriate places
  • Encourage or partake in fish feeding
  • Interrupt the activities of other park users
  • Disturb or remove marine artefacts and relics

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